Sheriffmuir Inn

This is Sheriffmuir Inn, as I recall it. Here, my Grumpa took me to visit to Hercules the bear. Here, with my family, I celebrated my 40th birthday. Here, I enjoyed a pint whilst my son learned to play the piano with Micah.

The short films on Sheriffmuir by Peter J. Gordon:

To play any of these short films please click the title or the relevant image.


A fallen monolith in a field:

Best quality of Butter:


Thursday [4th October 1917]:

Spectators of absence:

No Fences:

French Second Empire:

Wintering wildfowl populations:

An essay on traffic:

sad C A P T A I N :

All that running:



Let us turn to our poet’s windows:

University day:

A tin chest:

Millad cottage [it is not down on any map, true places never are]:

The brig that spans the Wharry:

Series II [Drumdruills]

S H I M M E R I N :

There was no road either to or from:

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