They fell for us

These short films by Peter recall those who fell for us in wars [please click on each image to play a different short film]: Between two black lines in the … Continue reading They fell for us


Days are numbered for Side/Syde farm on the braes o’ Sheramoor. Side farm was home to Alexander Livingstone [died 4th October 1917]. Side farm was where Alexander spent his childhood. … Continue reading Thursday

As inaccessible as the horizon

If you travel by railway between Edinburgh and Glasgow [vice-versa] [versa-vice] you will have passed-by [at speed] this burial ground to ‘friendship and truth’ Music credit: ‘EXIT music‘ by Steven … Continue reading As inaccessible as the horizon


From the newspapers of Sunday last: Footnote: A year ago, on what was called ‘Brexit Day’, I visited Doulie Tower, Edzell, where I made this film: Music credit: ‘Exit music’ … Continue reading NEW RULES ARE HERE