Dunblane Cathedral reopens

During the lockdown I regularly walked the Darn road, by the Allan Water, to Dunblane. What follows is based on exploring ‘the local’ as widely as I could! A garden … Continue reading Dunblane Cathedral reopens


When you enter Holyrood Park from the Meadowbank side via Duke’s Walk, you will find yourself walking past a strange pile of rocks which looks like an unfinished rockery: Muschat’s … Continue reading E P I T A P H

The Well of the Seven Heads

An old obelisk with a macabre tale has long stood by the side of Loch Oich in the Scottish Highlands. Erected in 1812 by the Chief of Clan Macdonnell, the … Continue reading The Well of the Seven Heads

suicide cairns

You may not be aware of this, but across Scotland there are surviving cairns which mark where somebody who had taken their life was once buried. Generally the names have … Continue reading suicide cairns

‘Wife of Otto’

In front of Dunblane cathedral there is a dark marble grave with a fallen cross. The design is very stark and the fallen cross long and thin. It looked manly. … Continue reading ‘Wife of Otto’

Fifeshire Murder

The murder of 15 year old Michael Swinton Brown, ‘Mickey’ as he was known locally in the quiet mining village of East Wemyss. On Saturday 20th February 1909, one national … Continue reading Fifeshire Murder