A Dishonest Sweep

Philip Hughes (1836-1896), a Chimney Sweep who lived and worked in Edinburgh, had a troubled life. His family, and the City he lived in, were also troubled by his behaviour. Alas, it all ended terribly.

5 October 1873:

5 February 1875:

22 April 1878:

9 September 1882:

18 December 1886:

30 October 1888:

5 November 1888:

3 March 1896:

Dunbar’s Close, by this time, had become a most deprived nook of Edinburgh. In 1970 the tenements were demolished and a 17th century style garden planted in the space left behind:

The Dunbar Close garden was designed and laid out by Seamus Filor who, in the 1990s, was tutor to me at the University of Edinburgh

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