Scottish Brain Sciences

A few years ago a senior UK academic in mental health stated gleefully to his colleagues: “It’s boom time in industry!”  I was reminded of this statement when reading this … Continue reading Scottish Brain Sciences

‘The Future of Dementia Care’

The Annual Conference of the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry will take place next month and has Professor Craig Ritchie presenting on “The Future of Dementia Care” The publicly available … Continue reading ‘The Future of Dementia Care’

Paradigms, pathologies and shifts

The following extracts are taken from this perspective published in the Scotsman, 11 January 2018: Pfizer has seemingly concluded that Alzheimer’s disease is far more complex than we had ever … Continue reading Paradigms, pathologies and shifts

“Truly be all you can, and not what the ‘experts’ tell you to be”

This post is for Richard Taylor who died on the 25th July 2015. I am not aware of any other who has done more to challenge the mythologies and stigmas of “Alzheimers” … Continue reading “Truly be all you can, and not what the ‘experts’ tell you to be”