“The King of DLB research”

Professor Rob Howard has recently shared on social media a picture of the personalised number plate of Professor Ian McKeith along with these words: “Just given a talk in Newcastle … Continue reading “The King of DLB research”

‘The Future of Dementia Care’

The Annual Conference of the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry will take place next month and has Professor Craig Ritchie presenting on “The Future of Dementia Care” The publicly available … Continue reading ‘The Future of Dementia Care’

The ‘Edinburgh Consensus’

I was born in Edinburgh:   It was by accident that I learned that this “consensus” has been “operationalised” across the NHS.   This  small group consensus needs to explain how … Continue reading The ‘Edinburgh Consensus’

PART I: Dementia: the “epidemic” of metaphors

At the creative heart of science is a spirit of open-minded enquiry[1]. The history of my profession has revealed this to me alongside the realisation that if dementia is to … Continue reading PART I: Dementia: the “epidemic” of metaphors

Over-diagnosis: ageing and memory changes

Submission to BMJ rapid-responses, 14 September 2013 by Dr Peter J. Gordon I congratulate the authors (1) for presenting what has for far too long been missing in “consensus” discussions … Continue reading Over-diagnosis: ageing and memory changes

The Ageing Stone

This sculpture is by Dr Peter J. Gordon. It is one of a series of artworks for DSMworks: http://www.dsmworks.com/ The Ageing Stone represents more than just DSM-IV-TR diagnosis of ‘294.1x … Continue reading The Ageing Stone

Dr Neil Houston

I have found myself under relentless pressure from a local GP, Dr Neil Houston, to expand the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease to include people who do not meet established clinical criteria for dementia. I … Continue reading Dr Neil Houston

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

This was published in the BMJ as a letter on the 18 October 2011: A ‘Position Paper’ by Dubois and colleagues suggests that certain biomarkers are now reliable enough to … Continue reading Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

Primum non forgetful

Disclaimer: the transcript of this film (and the film itself) does not represent the views of any organisation. Any opinions offered by Hole Ousia and the filmmaker are made in a personal capacity only. … Continue reading Primum non forgetful

The ‘diseased’ world of our elderly

Submitted as a rapid-response to the BMJ, 6 March 2013: http://www.bmj.com/content/341/bmj.c4670/rr/634772 As a psychiatrist for older adults I have noticed not just a scientific but also a cultural change in our appreciation … Continue reading The ‘diseased’ world of our elderly