Scottish Brain Sciences

A few years ago a senior UK academic in mental health stated gleefully to his colleagues: “It’s boom time in industry!”  I was reminded of this statement when reading this … Continue reading Scottish Brain Sciences

We have moved on

I wrote this poem many years ago. At the time there was an incentivised national target for the early diagnosis of dementia (HEAT target 4). Concerned about the potential for … Continue reading We have moved on

“Trickles down from the upper echelons”

I read this letter by Dr William Durward, a retired NHS Scotland Consultant with interest. It was published in the Herald, 7 November 2018, and was written in response to … Continue reading “Trickles down from the upper echelons”

The caption is wrong

This is not an attack upon science. It is a film that seeks the wonderful libraries that may be found at the end of corridors. How truthfully can scientific method … Continue reading The caption is wrong