“Immoral Police”

Following my post of yesterday in which I shared concerns that have been expressed in relation to professional conduct on social media by some members of the Royal College of … Continue reading “Immoral Police”

“Hats off, Young Sir”

Yesterday, Dr Paul Morrison, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacology researcher, tweeted this: “Three cheers to Dr Samei Huda for standing up to aggressive, right-wing anti-psychiatrists, despite complaints, harassment and intimidation.” This … Continue reading “Hats off, Young Sir”

A Royal College calls for

In the NEWS section of the BMJ it has been confirmed that the “The Royal College of General Practitioners will call on the General Medical Council to ensure that all … Continue reading A Royal College calls for

Throughout November: your questions answered

Throughout November, the three candidates for the next President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists have been answering questions “important to members, patients and carers”. Tomorrow is the last day … Continue reading Throughout November: your questions answered

My question to the Presidential hopefuls

Throughout November, the Royal College of Psychiatrists are offering the “opportunity to quiz the Presidential hopefuls”: Today, the 8th November 2019 I have submitted my question: “If you are elected … Continue reading My question to the Presidential hopefuls

“If an ad is wrong . . .”

I have come across this full page reminder from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) a number of times in recent Sunday newspapers. As an NHS doctor who has worked as … Continue reading “If an ad is wrong . . .”

Transparency: ad rem

For more than a decade I have been an advocate for, and campaigned for, full transparency of competing financial interests for scientists, academics and healthcare workers. Without such, it is … Continue reading Transparency: ad rem

“Good clarification”

On the 12th September 2019 Dr Sameer Jauhar shared on social media the above correction, as published in the Daily Mail, describing it as a “good clarification” The Council for … Continue reading “Good clarification”

Information science and transparency

Almost 2 months have passed since I first wrote to Minevation Ltd and I have had no reply. I have therefore decided to share my communications [see below]: To: andre.tomlin@minervation.com; … Continue reading Information science and transparency

Kindness, attention and respect

Many years ago, one of my patients who had lost a child to suicide, wrote to me to say: Some years later I read this: I have previously shared considerations … Continue reading Kindness, attention and respect

Another publication that is missing from an extensive list

In a recent post I wrote about how I could not find this publication on Suicide Risk and the SSRIs in the list of publications given by Professor Sir Simon … Continue reading Another publication that is missing from an extensive list


This post shares e-mails that I have previously sent to Prof Rob Howard, Old Age Psychiatrist and Dementia Researcher, University College London. I have not included any e-mails from Professor … Continue reading ‘Partisan’