Kindness, attention and respect

Many years ago, one of my patients who had lost a child to suicide, wrote to me to say: Some years later I read this: I have previously shared considerations … Continue reading Kindness, attention and respect

“Just when we need them most”

9 February 2019. The President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists: “Really skilled Consultants in all specialties are walking away from the NHS just when we need them most” The … Continue reading “Just when we need them most”

‘A warning to the NHS: don’t let big pharma loose on policy’

What follows are a few extracts from this article in today’s Observer by Chris McGreal:

‘And it needs to start at the top’

This letter, by bioethicist Mark Wilson, has been published in the current BMJ: The letter begins: “The mesh scandal is all too familiar. It joins a growing list of scandals … Continue reading ‘And it needs to start at the top’