Business is booming [favouring the narrative controllers]

The porter’s bell is ringing: A fictional BMJ cover: The Narrative Controllers:

Go seek adventures

This question was asked in last week’s Sunday TIMES: Of course there is no complete data to refer to but it is thought that Don Quixote tops the list. It … Continue reading Go seek adventures

Led Astray – Industry’s Influence on Drug and Device Watchdogs

The Feature BMJ investigation, 29 June 2022: From FDA to MHRA: are drug regulators for hire? Cite this as: BMJ 2022;377:o1538

Medicine remains as conflicted as ever

This opinion piece by Dr Margaret McCartney was published in the BMJ on 27 May 2022. It can be accessed in full here. Medicine remains as conflicted as ever—we need … Continue reading Medicine remains as conflicted as ever