Business is booming [favouring the narrative controllers]

The porter’s bell is ringing: A fictional BMJ cover: The Narrative Controllers:

“Latter-day anti-psychiatrists”

My worry about a sweeping term like ‘latter-day anti-psychiatrists’ is that it risks including those who have suffered harmful consequences of medications taken as prescribed. [Please note: all the descriptions … Continue reading “Latter-day anti-psychiatrists”

The International Congress [Net Surplus]

This year’s International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists is currently taking place in Edinburgh: I was born in Edinburgh. I worked as an NHS psychiatrist for 25 years … Continue reading The International Congress [Net Surplus]

Data Protection: The Royal College of Psychiatrists

Dr Peter Gordon Retired NHS Psychiatrist 2 April 2022 Dear Congress Team, Please treat this as an FOI request. Please can you share the links to the RCPsych webpage and … Continue reading Data Protection: The Royal College of Psychiatrists