say that I’m a rainbow

I first heard this song whilst working in my study [sanctum sanctorum].  My study has a side-ways facing window. Through this window I watch small garden birds feed, play, and … Continue reading say that I’m a rainbow

Wrapping paper

A UK psychiatrist, yesterday, on Twitter: “I’m thinking of using my stack of Yellow Journals for wrapping paper (I’ve memorised the contents)” President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists: “And … Continue reading Wrapping paper


This short film is almost ten years old [the text for it is provided below]: All the responses to my films have been different and this is to be celebrated. … Continue reading Responses

“What is the point of all this nastiness?”

In a recent ‘Real Psychiatry’ blog post, Dr George Dawson, MD, provided a helpful summary diagram on aspects of the ‘Professional identity of a Psychiatrist’ which included the above list … Continue reading “What is the point of all this nastiness?”