The Narrative Controllers

Science is important to us all. This post is an attempt to explore some of the broad issues that we need to consider to ensure scientific integrity. Science is more … Continue reading The Narrative Controllers

‘No Holds Barred’

This is the last “No Holds Barred” column by Dr Margaret McCartney: Screening is only for people with no symptoms. If you have symptoms it’s not screening. Screening is often … Continue reading ‘No Holds Barred’

General practice is the best job in the world

In a previous post of earlier this summer I explained why I share Dr Margaret McCartney’s view that “General practice is the best job in the world”. It is sad … Continue reading General practice is the best job in the world

Silent as light

The Antiquary: “is preoccupied on every level by the relation between past and present.” Mary Midgley: “These doctrines are often bizarrely over-confident and over-simple” George Orwell in Why I Write: … Continue reading Silent as light

We need a Renaissance of Generalists

I aspire to be a generalist. We live between the microscope and the telescope. I am of the view that the art and science of being a doctor requires such … Continue reading We need a Renaissance of Generalists

Making science a reality

It has been a long time since I last wrote on Hole Ousia about my activism for a science that strives for objectivity. It is probably reasonable to suggest that … Continue reading Making science a reality

Yellow socks and handstands

There is a lot of effort in NHS Scotland to raise awareness amongst healthcare staff about delirium, using statements like this: Delirium is a very complex state and it is … Continue reading Yellow socks and handstands

Medical education and economies of influence

This reply to Dr McCartney’s recent editorial “Forever indebted to pharma – doctors must take control of our own education” was published yesterday in the BMJ rapid-responses. I felt it … Continue reading Medical education and economies of influence

“As a critical friend”: awareness campaigns

I have just read: It begins: [we] As a doctor who openly asks questions I see great value in being a “critical friend”: The Alzheimer Scotland Strategic Review outlines significant … Continue reading “As a critical friend”: awareness campaigns

Sunshine Act for Scotland: transparency, independence and accountability

Mrs Chrys Muirhead, writer and carer, has submitted this response to the BMJ: This was in reply to this “no holds barred” piece in the BMJ by Dr Margaret McCartney:

“Can’t – won’t – no point”

This article published in the London Review of Books by Dr Gavin Francis has generated much discussion: This BMJ poll asked about the ethics of NHS England’s approach: Professor June … Continue reading “Can’t – won’t – no point”

“battling” [the] “horrible”

Last Sunday I watched and listened to the Secretary State of Health on BBC One: The Secretary of state began: Politicians often use military metaphors when discussing health and care: … Continue reading “battling” [the] “horrible”