The [generally hidden] place of big business . . .

I am a celebrant of subjectivity and a seeker of objectivity. I share here [the generally hidden] commercial influences of ‘key opinion leaders’ in British Psychiatry:

Professor Sir Robin Murray

This is my latest post as part of a series reporting the available information on competing financial interests in ‘key opinion leaders’ in British psychiatry. The declarations of competing financial … Continue reading Professor Sir Robin Murray

“We have an appropriately puritanical relationship with Pharma”

In February 2015 I wrote to my College and the General Medical Council about concerns that competing financial interests were not being made public and that the current College system … Continue reading “We have an appropriately puritanical relationship with Pharma”

‘Not all in the Mind’

On the 23rd July 2018, Professor David Nutt gave a free public lecture entitled “Not all in the mind – the contribution of brain science to modern psychiatry.” I was not … Continue reading ‘Not all in the Mind’