‘The medical untouchables’

The following is a recent opinion piece by Dr Des Spence published in the British Journal of General Practice. I had been lined up to do the media interviews on … Continue reading ‘The medical untouchables’

Psychiatry without borders

This week the International Congress for the Royal College of Psychiatrists is taking place in Edinburgh. It is titled “Psychiatry without Borders”. Given my concerns about the harms associated with over-medicalisation I … Continue reading Psychiatry without borders

Transparency at the Top

I wrote “Transparency at the Top: British Psychiatry” in April 2015 but did not share it publically as I wanted to give the Royal College of Psychiatrists time to improve … Continue reading Transparency at the Top

The Scottish Public Want Sunshine

There is a long standing joke about the lack of sunshine in Scotland. Three years ago I began the process of raising a petition with the Scottish Parliament to urge … Continue reading The Scottish Public Want Sunshine