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What follows are a few of my old posts and films on Rabbie Burns.

Burns Nicht 2008. Recital by Andrew R. Gordon:

Tam o’Shanter:

[To read what history has recorded of Fair Eliza, please click here]

The story begins with a family sampler and ends with a lament.

Our family sampler recalls the Black family of Mauchline, later of Kilmarnock.

Eliza Black was one of Rabbie’s sweethearts. He called her “Lucky”.

Turn again, thou Fair Eliza:

Our family story that overlaps wi’ Rabbie Burns can be read here

A film about John Glen Parker of Asloss and Slidderybraes, Kilmarnock.

This Laird was able to be completely comfortable with who he was. He put others first. His father was the first to recognise brilliance in Rabbie Burns.

The laird of Asloss and Slidderybraes:

    This film is for my mother Margaret and my daughter Rachel

This film considers a world of time passing around the Macrae Monument, Monkton, Ayrshire.

The film presents a story. James Macrae is first introduced. Time then weaves its unseeing way and we learn of Macrae’s family connection to the dashing Earl of Glencairn, dear friend and honest supporter, of Rabbie Burns.

The story begins with a family sampler and ends with a lament

The tune (for which, I do not have copyright) is “Unknown Air” by Duncan Chisholm from his wonderful album “Affric”. The title of Duncan’s track could not be more fitting

But I’ll remember thee:

I was in Kilmarnock on Saturday the 22nd July 2017 to explore Sidderybrae and Asloss.

In preparation for a film about the Laird who first recognised brilliance in Rabbie Burns.

In Kilmarnock Churchyard I spotted a relief of a young man on an otherwise insignificant monument. I was drawn to his representation.

Underneath the relief of James Woodburn Dunlop, who died aged “19 years and 6 months” was this quote by Milton:

“So Lycidas, sunk low, but mounted high,
Through the dear might of him that walk’d the waves”

This was poem written for Edward King, a fellow-student of Milton’s at Cambridge, and also an aspiring poet, who had drowned.


To play this short film please click here or on the image above.

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