a magic circle of circles

It is a cosmic mystery why oor nation has failed to recognise this cotter-toun lad: James Ferguson [1710-1776]: unschooled stargazer, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, philosopher and artist. A magic circle of … Continue reading a magic circle of circles

An overlooked Scot

The Scotsman 16th August 2022: The Scotsman, 17 October 1923 The discovery of Insulin: To play this short film please click here or on the image above.


Crossing the Blackwater by the iron suspension bridge to Easter Bleaton: clouds: To play clouds please click here or on the image above. Music credit: Both Sides Now – Joni … Continue reading clouds

“The Blairgowrie Juniors berrypickers’ weigh-in-lottery”

Back in the land of the Jeely makkers I feel braw! Saft-fruit is ripening now orchard-to-orchard. A lifetime on from Drumdruills and I am a hundred-punnets short of sanity. But … Continue reading “The Blairgowrie Juniors berrypickers’ weigh-in-lottery”