Scotland Street

The earliest newspaper report that I have been able to find for Scotland Street, Edinburgh, is dated – in it’s footnote – as 20th June 1813. Given that this was … Continue reading Scotland Street

“Just doing, speaking, writing . . . “

Last Sunday we were in Edinburgh to meet a cousin of my mother’s but having arrived early had some time to wander. Twenty five years earlier, one of my first … Continue reading “Just doing, speaking, writing . . . “

Fate of Scotland’s ‘Modern Ruin’ uncertain

I was saddened to read in today’s Scotsman that NVA’s plan to turn neglected Peter’s Seminary, Cardross, into a cultural venue have collapsed: I visited St Peter’s Seminary on the … Continue reading Fate of Scotland’s ‘Modern Ruin’ uncertain

“Villains and Demonisers”

Almost a decade ago, one of the advisors to the Scottish Government on prescribing of antidepressants stated that it was the general public and their “distaste” for antidepressants that were … Continue reading “Villains and Demonisers”

The poetic genius written out of Scottish history

I was delighted to see the Perth poet William Soutar on the front page of the Scotsman of 4th January 2018. Ajay Close is correct, William Soutar has a most rightful place in … Continue reading The poetic genius written out of Scottish history

‘Official Interference’

This is my reply to a blog that was posted in the Holyrood Magazine: Thursday 13th July 2017 Dear Tom, I read the blog post titled ‘Official Interference’ written by … Continue reading ‘Official Interference’

Join the Chorus

The Old Royal High School, Edinburgh needs your support to save it from Developers: Wrecking Edinburgh from omphalos on Vimeo. To restore the innocent eye from omphalos on Vimeo.

When you say I like biscuits (nuces philosophicae)

Nuces philosphicae – the study of the philosophy of words. This film was inspired by the 200th anniversary of the Scotsman newspaper on the 25th January 2017. As a child … Continue reading When you say I like biscuits (nuces philosophicae)

Promises to listen to our elders

The “Care Standards for Older people in Hospital”, which replace the previous 13 year old standards, were published this month. As a doctor working in NHS Scotland whose work for twenty … Continue reading Promises to listen to our elders

“Bonuses for senior doctors rise”

It was reported this week that “bonuses for senior doctors” in NHS Scotland is on “the rise”: This reminded me of a range of views expressed after I offered my … Continue reading “Bonuses for senior doctors rise”