‘Sometimes my wee best seems just not good enough’

In a letter to his friend Stephen Bann, the artist and poet Ian Hamilton Finlay once concluded “Sometimes my wee best seems just not good enough”. This is a feeling … Continue reading ‘Sometimes my wee best seems just not good enough’

“I wish to be independent”

The latest film by Omphalos is a “two culture” film. There are of course many more  than two cultures, as Ian Hamilton Finlay rightly pointed out: This film is for James … Continue reading “I wish to be independent”

Turn again, thou fair Eliza!

Today it is the 25th January 2015. Rabbie Burns was born on this day in 1759. My family have a story about Rabbie Burns. It is not widely known. In … Continue reading Turn again, thou fair Eliza!

Gilbert Farie

Gilbert Farie by Ken Gray If today you were to pick up a telephone directory for Glasgow City or the West of Scotland and looked up the surname FARIE you … Continue reading Gilbert Farie

Gilbert Farie Re-visited

Reply to the Editorial: Has psychopharmacology got a future? The British Journal of Psychiatry (2011) 198: 333-335. Film version of ‘Gilbert Farie Re-visited’: https://vimeo.com/43620205 Yes, psychopharmacology has a future.[1]  I … Continue reading Gilbert Farie Re-visited

The Forgotten Door

Chapter 8 of Deeside Tales: The Forgotten Door – The Genechal It was with very great interest that I read chapter seven of Robert Smith’s book ‘A Queen’s Country’ published … Continue reading The Forgotten Door