Quietly fostering Scottish Arts

The Scotland on Sunday, 21 February 2021, shared news of the extraordinary philanthropy of Carol Colburn Grigor: Hole Ousia  has long supported the campaign to see Edinburgh’s old Royal High … Continue reading Quietly fostering Scottish Arts

Mr BARKER: Inventor and Proprietor of the PANORAMA

Henry Aston Barker (1774 –1856) was a Scottish landscape and panorama painter. Barker was born in Glasgow, the younger son of Robert Barker, the panoramic painter, whom he assisted as … Continue reading Mr BARKER: Inventor and Proprietor of the PANORAMA

“Developers revive bid”

Like ever so many, Hole Ousia would like Edinburgh’s old Royal High to become a Music School [see films below and previous Hole Ousia posts] Unfortunately, Hotel developers have revived … Continue reading “Developers revive bid”

‘Closer to resolution’

For many years I have been part of a widely shared determination to see Edinburgh’s Old Royal High School become a school of Music: I have made several supportive films: … Continue reading ‘Closer to resolution’