Mice nibble away notes!

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Music: Paul Melia: a cover of When love breaks down by Prefab Sprout

Headlines: From the Press and Journal, 19 December 1985 [the day I turned 18]

[1] The ‘call sign’ that put BBC Aberdeen on Air
[2] STV and Grampian idents [circa 1985: at this juncture existing idents were being replaced by digitised versions]
[3] The ‘Winning Streak’ – Aberdeen student performance, 1985, in His Majesty’s [I was not there]
[4]  After Christmas 1985, I travelled by Stagecoach to Peterhead to spend  time with my girlfriend and her family.  I shared New Year here.
[5]  Context: Tonight in the Neil Lounge, ‘A rain-faded note pinned upon a gate‘ and ‘Over here’
[6] January 1986: back at Hillhead halls, Aberdeen, in a pigeon hole for “G” [where the previous year I had found a stream of love notes] I picked up my mail to find . . .

*Please note: I never did have an argument with my first girlfriend  at the harbour [or anywhere else]. Nor was there a rain-faded note pinned upon a gate.

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