as a star fades

In Mossgrove garden I have  made a bit of temporary art. It has the front page of a newspaper the day that David Bowie died. I pasted this on to one of our granite paving slabs. Beside David Bowie I painted a black star.

The following short films are ‘Black Star Productions’. The first film was made in the days immediately following David Bowie’s death:

A wee space in the whole of time:

A change in the weather:


9.20 LISTEN:

This was my desk when I was a medical student in Aberdeen, sometime around 1990.

I used to draw musical artists from album covers. Here is Annie Lennox and David A Stewart and also David Bowie. Also in the picture is my ticket to see Bowie. I forget the year, but it was perhaps 1988. We traveled from Aberdeen to Sunderland to see Bowie perform in the Stadium of Light. The watch was the graduation watch given to me by my Granny. It stopped working during my year as a Resident Doctor and I was advised that it was not worth repairing:

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