“I had dinner with William Sargant . . .”

The March 2019 edition of the British Journal of General Practice focuses on mental health. The Editor, Roger Jones, opened the journal:

The Editor then went on to consider R D Laing before suggesting that:

I found it interesting that the Editor introduced this edition of the British Journal of General Practice by returning to the practice and wisdom of more than 50 years ago. I was also interested to note that the Editor concluded that we continue to live with “creative uncertainty”.

There are many senior psychiatrists today who might argue against the very idea of uncertainty, creative or otherwise.

A forthcoming book may help here: ‘The Medical Model in Health: An Explanation and Evaluation’. It will be interesting to see if this book will have the “considerable influence” that William Sargant had:

Dr William Walters Sargant had no time for uncertainty, and the profession that he became voice for followed him Transatlanticly.

In this passport photograph you can look into his eyes of Dr Sargant:



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