‘The Medical Model in Mental Health’

This book by Dr Samei Huda is soon to be published by Oxford University Press. It promises to offer an “explanation and evaluation” of the ‘Medical Model in Mental Health’.

Given the statements made by Dr Huda [below], I wrote to him on the 20th January of this year to ask if he would agree to a “head-to-head debate” on this in the BMJ? Dr Huda  did not respond to this suggestion. However, my offer remains.

8 September 2018:

"Don't believe the propaganda. There have been studies in the US that showed psychiatry wasn't amongst the medical specialties with highest degree of financial influence from Pharma or medical device manufacturers. A few US shrinks do get vast sums but they are exception" 

29 January 2019:

"Research on pharma/big business influence has shown that psychiatry is way down the list of medical specialties being influenced - by all means lets be aware of it but remember its a far bigger problem in the rest of medicine and surgery; undeclared COIs also a big problem in psychotherapy" 


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