“Strong argument”

The Medical Model in Mental Health: An Explanation and Evaluation has recently been published by Oxford University Press. In the weeks leading up to publication the author stated “it is … Continue reading “Strong argument”

“I had dinner with William Sargant . . .”

The March 2019 edition of the British Journal of General Practice focuses on mental health. The Editor, Roger Jones, opened the journal: The Editor then went on to consider R … Continue reading “I had dinner with William Sargant . . .”

The Narrative Controllers

Science is important to us all. This post is an attempt to explore some of the broad issues that we need to consider to ensure scientific integrity. Science is more … Continue reading The Narrative Controllers

Behind the graph

For my birthday, my son Andrew gave me the book ‘Scientific Babel’ by Michael D. Gordin. Here are a few extracts:    

I don’t want this isolation

I have experienced the corridors of St John’s Hospital, Livingston, from different vantages. This film is actually an attack on rigid medical determinism. It is an attack on academia and … Continue reading I don’t want this isolation

Little more than a name

Chapter Five of Repeats its love: “Little more than a name” The Aesculapians never intended to run the Mavisbank Institution themselves, and with Hippocratic beneficence, left matters of mind to … Continue reading Little more than a name


This is the transcript of a short film I made in late May 2011 called ‘AWOKEN’: https://vimeo.com/62053672 I had previously made a film called ‘WAKE-UP CALL’ which was based on … Continue reading Awoken