This is a book I have published about Royal deeside and a small, lost and forgotten glen – Glen Girnock – that nestles between Balmoral cartle and Birkhall.

mountain top

A film that struggles to begin with loss. made by a restless soul. Music credit:  Somebody that I used to know – Gotye Clip credits: Moving Image Archive     … Continue reading mountain top

More of a journey than a gateway

Tomorrow is the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. This short film is based on our Queen’s last journey from Balmoral. More of a journey than a gateway: To play … Continue reading More of a journey than a gateway

Go seek adventures

This question was asked in last week’s Sunday TIMES: Of course there is no complete data to refer to but it is thought that Don Quixote tops the list. It … Continue reading Go seek adventures


What follows is a story, a fairy story. But it is true, more-or-less. In July 1993, two young doctors married:Both Peter and Sian had studied medicine with the University of … Continue reading Fairyland