Publications by Hole Ousia in the Leopard magazine

Captain Phillips

A friend from Australia, aware of my interest in Johnston Shearer, the pioneer Scottish Photographer, recently sent me this photograph of Captain Phillips as taken in 1870 at 242 Union … Continue reading Captain Phillips

Din-raisin wi’ Donald

Finding Scotland’s Rural Past in the Footprints of Smugglers Written by Dr Peter J. Gordon, Sunday 20th January 2008 Published in the Leopard magazine, February 2008 Scotland’s Rural Past (SRP) … Continue reading Din-raisin wi’ Donald

Fittie’s Tragic Harbour Master

Captain Alexander Morrison: Fittie’s Tragic Harbour Master By Dr Peter J. Gordon, written 13th March 2007 Published in The Leopard magazuine. Having spent much of my life in Aberdeen my … Continue reading Fittie’s Tragic Harbour Master