The ‘Side by Side’ Series [Book 4]

The cover of an old sheet of music from Tor-Na-Coille.

Short films about Sian and Peter:

A hopeless case:

The anatomy of emotion:

No more white coats:

Gregory’s Girl:

A feeling of being suspended between the sky and the sea:

The North and South Inches:

You are my world:

The manner of what we make defines us:

Wheesht to your omphaloi:

The Fair Maid of Perth [a famous road to]:

In the middle [where wonder is to be found]:

Imagine being a colour and a feeling:

HOTEL [this is not yesterday]:

Part of:

Being here and now and together:

The Great Garden:

She said nothing and she shone:

The beginning of wisdom:

Something of the sky:

Paestum followed:

Fugitive from Girgenti:


s h i m m e r i n :

The sky is not little:

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