Speak, Memory

This film is about iatrogenic harm (illness caused by medical treatment).

Speak, memory [prescribed harm]:

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Vladimir Nabokov is a writer that I greatly admire. I have just finished reading “Speak, Memory” his ‘autobiography’. Nabokov later added a pseudo-review to this entitled “On Conclusive Evidence”.

This film is me being naturally me, attempting like Nabokov, to not quite spell out (or tell) the ‘story’.

My NHS office is now in the “REACT hub”. It used to be the Day Hospital before having been, for a few years at least, the “Memory Treatment Service”.

This film, other than the sickening Seroxat adverts, is based entirely upon images to be found within St John’s Hospital, Livingston. The corridors of this hospital, where I was a patient in 2005 and since 2014 have been employed as an NHS doctor, contain a wonderful array of art work.


Music credit:
“Science Fiction” by Arctic Monkeys

“The Bell Jar” by Sylvia Plath

Audio (that begins and ends this film):
Future Proofing, Radio 4, Timandra Harkness and Leo Johnson

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