I would have perished had I not persisted

The barony of Carmichael was conferred in 1647 on the direct male descendent of the original Witham Carmichael “to him and his heirs male whatsoever”.

Roy Map of 1750:

Early October 1903:

December 1907:

7th November 1914:

The young Baronet at the start of the First World War:

25-27th July 1923:

Five years later, the young Baronet is dead:

The last two direct heirs of Carmichael, father and son, both died aged 26 years:

The Anstruther and Carmichael clan mottos are carved above the grave: ‘Periissem ni Periissem’
(I would have perished had I not persisted) and ‘Tou Jours Prest’ (Always Ready).

In June 1935 the contents of Carmichael House were auctioned:

A doctor then bought Carmichael with the intention of turning it into a Nursing Home:

However, by 1950 Carmichael was up for sale:

In 1952, Charles Brand was employed to strip Carmichael house and remove the roof:

Woodland now surrounds the house where the graves of family pets are to be found:

A visit to Carmichael House, 5th February 2018:

The designed landscape has survived with elegance:

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