But this was more than an observation, it was an experience

This is a film about Lord Lynedoch and his beautiful wife Mary Graham.

Credits: Thomas Mann, Hilary mantel (Reith lecture, 2017) and James Ross for “Beyond the Strath”

The Rounall

This is a film based on my exploration of Dupplin castle estate in Perthshire on Thursday 15th June 2017.

This film is about circles; the circles of life and the circle of consciousness that each of us inhabit. In this sense we are all narcissistic and the world has more than 7 billion realities.

Credits: Thomas Mann and Dexter Britain. The rest is by Peter.

Actual or potential selves and actual or potential attitudes

This is a film about the ruin of Newton of Condie House in Perthshire, near Bridge of Earn.

(1) Thomas Mann
(2) Anton Chekhov
(3) Clannad