An interior of others

This is a film based on the interior of Eastend House, Thankerton.

The images are not my own. They have been taken by others as I have never entered this house. I hope that the photographers may forgive me for “stealing” them.

The title “an interior of others” also refers to the quotes which carry this film. The quotes are not mine, but come from writers whose books (interiors) I have read. I have again “stolen” them.

The writers include: A. S Byatt, A L Kennedy, Andrew Greig, John Berger, Anton Chekhov, Anthony Dooer, Adam Nicolson, Tomas Transtromer, Ali Smith and Anne Tyler. So many wonderful interiors of others.

One Reply to “An interior of others”

  1. Thank you for this.
    I would love to enter this house, breathe in soak in its history. Is there a chance you might gain entry one day?
    (some of) the quotes are deeply wise and wonderful. I shall try and memorise them.
    Anna :o]

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