Weather Bomb

Sunday, 14th January 1968:

This is a film about the 14th January 1968, and a storm that had no name.

14th January 2018:
Radio Scotland featured an account of the terrible storm of 50 years ago to the very day. I of course do not remember this storm as I was not even a month old, but I do recall my grandfather, Rab Scott, talking about it as his orchard at Drumdruills had been devastated. For years afterwards Rab had the trees cut up to make chairs, stools and benches. As children we loved playing with all that was made out of the fallen trees.

Many lives were lost in this storm.

My older sister, Catriona, faced her own storm.

This short film has gaps, blanks and omissions but is based on my grandfather’s first-hand accounts of the storm in his letters to his son John.


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