Woodside Hotel

The Woodside Hotel, Doune, has a special place in the history of both my mother’s family and my father’s family.

My paternal grandparents – Henry Gordon and Florence Duncan – spent their honeymoon at the Woodside Hotel.

Rab Scott – my  maternal grandfather – used to regularly take us all to the Woodside Hotel for Sunday dinner. As a wee boy I always used to order, most proudly, a glass of tomato juice. This still remains my favourite drink!

My children, now young adults, have dined with us at the Woodside throughout their growing years. It has been a special place for us. The food was always marvellous – good Scottish fare -and the host Suzanne was one of the friendliest proprietors you were likely to ever meet.

Moray Sutherland Mackay recorded this history of the Woodside in 1955:

Currently the Woodside is being renovated under new ownership. We wish the new owners well. Here are a few photographs taken today [27 August 2022]:

Some years back, I made this film about the Woodside Hotel:

All wrapped up the same:

To play this short film please click here.

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