Not so, the artist says

Yesterday I broke the rules, well the rules of my College. I had included the Royal College of Psychiatrist crest in a personal perspective on psychiatry, though I did make it clear that these were my personal views. I have been a Member of the College for nearly quarter of a century, but it is the case that some of my views may not be the prevailing ones of the College. The President of my College asked for the crest to be removed as it was “being used illegally” and went on to say “we care about our crest and it is sad to see it used this way”.

I really do understand the College point of view and I have removed the crest. I would never wish to do anything illegal.

This is a 30 second film that I made over 6 years ago featuring the voice of Richard Holloway:

This morning I woke up feeling a need to get out into the garden; I am really just a gardener who happens to be a doctor. I have a need to be in the bigger landscape, amongst nature, where freedom is glorious, naturally growing above and beyond any attempts at lasting control.

The series of landscape plans that follow were by Geoffrey Jellicoe.  Jellicoe’s draughtsmanship had such beautiful freedom and imagination. Alongside each landscape I have added a quote (in order of appearance: Charles Dickens, C. P. Snow, and Owen Jones). This post ends with a poem from ‘Fugitive Colours’ by Liz Lochhead.

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