Gardens of the Mind

I have put together this post in my appreciation for Geoffrey Jellicoe (1900 -1996).

Jellicoe was an architect, landscape architect, historian, traveller, lecturer and author. He has been a lasting inspiration for me.

When I studied landscape Architecture at the University of Edinburgh it was Jellicoe who was the guide for my mind’s eye. Without Jellicoe I would not have gained distinction in all subjects along with the award of the Scottish Chapter prize. I was not a good draughtsman but I had uncultivated ideas. Six years of training in Medicine (at the University of Aberdeen) had stifled my creative and imaginative self and I was altogether rather too tight and rigid. I reckon that this was a consequence of the unhelpful divide between the so-called ‘two cultures’.

In what follows I have ‘borrowed words’ of my betters, taking three quotes from a number of my favourite authors. Fragments that for me somehow seem to say something about Jellicoe and the ‘two cultures’.


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