The Devon at Cambus

I worked as an NHS doctor in Clackmannanshire for 14 years, where I visited patients in Cambus (which sits by the confluence of the river Forth and the river Devon ]

In Tullibody Churchyard there is a plain tombstone:

Elizabeth Wright, accidentally drowned in the river Devon, 16 May 1861, aged 2 years:

Isabella Wright, died of ‘Fever’, 6 February 1863, aged 11 years:

James Wright, died of Typhus Fever, 4 March 1863, aged 9 years:

Annie Wright, died of Scarlet Fever, 9 January 1869, aged 5 years:

Gabriel Wright, died as a result of a fish bone stuck in his trachea, 9 October 1870 aged 17 months:

John Wright, died of Tabes Mesenterica (Tuberculosis), 5 December 1871, aged 14 years:

George Wright, died 21 August 1918, Monte Video, South America, aged 31 years:

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