“Love the card!”

In an IQ Squared debate on the 12th November 2014, Professor Sir Simon Wessely, as President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists closed his argument by talking through the “Pill Shaming BINGO Card”.  Two days ago, Professor Wendy Burn, the current President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists said on social media: “Love the card!”

This BBC film, featuring Professor Wendy Burn: “End pill-shaming in mental health” was released on the same day.

Like other hashtags, #pillshaming has generated much discussion.

My view is that all experience of prescribed medications (and indeed any medical intervention) cannot be fairly represented by a hashtag.

My concern is that a hashtag or a bingo card reduce complex issues and decontextualise a whole range of necessary considerations for realistic prescribing and informed consent. It can also fuel polarisation and antagonism which may get in the way of better understanding of complex issues.





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