twenty-five years

I shared my decision to take early retirement with the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Yesterday, I received a one-line reply “I am sorry to hear this but hope it will lead to you feeling happier with life”

Note: The Royal College of Psychiatrists did not respond to this letter. I am not unhappy with life.

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  1. Dear Peter
    stuff them….I am sure your patients have been enriched by their interactions with you……..I hope you enjoy life outside this intolerable rudeness…Thank you for being an honourable man and an honourable Doctor.

    1. Thank you Annie,
      When I sent my letter of resignation to the Royal College of Psychiatrists I received neither an acknowledgement nor a material response. I believe that this reveals the approach taken by the College.

      aye Peter Gordon

  2. Peter, sending you best wishes.

    So horrendously derailed and in so many ways in your career but not in your vow and ethics, your concerns for both patients and doctors, for your profession, nor in your GMC shared professional values.

    If such values were truly shared, the most appropriate response should have been:

    “We wish to take the opportunity to apologise for failing one of our own.

    In light of your invaluable experience as both a doctor and as an affected patient in this time of Public Health Crises, with 1 in 4 now on dependency medications, in rising self harm and suicide rates, ADEs more generally the 4th leading cause of death, as the WHO & UN call for more Patient Safety measures, please work with us so both doctors and patients can feel more respected, safer, and happier in life and their work. Also towards Sunshine Legislation to help renew trust and faith in the profession”

    Yours Sincerely,

    Not the Muppets

    1. Thank You Deirdre,
      I feel very fortunate to have come across so many wonderful and understanding folk like you. I do appreciate your kind words.

      aye Peter

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