‘Stay out or I will eat you’

On Sunday 22nd April 2018, as a family, we visited Moatbrae House in Dumfries, where Peter Pan first flew out the window.

Moatbrae is currently being restored. Most wonderfully it is to become a story-telling centre and the garden will return to being “never never land”.

A few years ago I made the film below about Moatbrae, after I had discovered that J.M. Barrie’s best friend was Stewart Gordon. My father also carries this name, but spelled ‘Stuart’. It was the Gordon family who owned and lived in Moatbrae. The father of the household was Henry Gordon, a Banker. Uncannily, my grandfather (Stuart’s father) was called Henry Gordon, also a banker. And my father Stuart, has never really grown up.

Where Peter Pan first flew out the window:

Flying finding, foundings, foundlings [Moatbrae Storytelling Centre]:

To play this short film please click here or on the image above.

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