Suicide Prevention: oral evidence given to the House of Commons

The following evidence on suicide prevention was given by Professor Carmine Pariante and Professor Louis Appleby to the House of Commons on the 29th November 2016. What is shared here are the introductory passages and also the passages where consideration is given to antidepressant medications. The full transcript can be read here and a video of the full session here.

I would like to see a further House of Commons evidence session on this subject. I would suggest that such a session might consider issues such as: Realistic Medicine, informed consent, prescribed harm, sunshine legislation, duty of candour, and the need for ethics in all that we do.

Since the 2016 evidence session, Professor Pariante contributed to this question and answer interview. There has also been a recent consideration of Professor Appleby’s approach as England’s National Lead for Suicide Prevention.

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