Last summer, Professor Louis Appleby contributed this opinion to the BMJ as a guest writer: “It’s common to see academics dropping off social media to escape abuse. It starts with … Continue reading “hostility”


This was the ‘Keynote Lecture’ as given at the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Monday 20 June 2022: [Please note: the above images come from #RCPSYCHIC22 as … Continue reading “Elusive”


This, from the Birmingham Daily Post, Wednesday 4th May 1955, is one of the first UK reports of Serotonin ‘imbalance’ causing/leading to mental health disorders. It was written by “a … Continue reading ‘MENTAL CURES BY USE OF DRUGS’

‘porky pies’

Dr Ronald Pies seems determined [most desperately] to re-write history .