‘An academic experience like no other’

I am receiving several e-mails each week inviting me to the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress, 2018. Today I received a personalised invite from College President, Professor Wendy Burn.

In this invitation Professor Burn describes what makes the International Congress “unique and close to [her] heart” and states that “while never being the world’s largest, it is certainly one of its most influential.”

I have been an NHS psychiatrist for 25 years and have never attended the Congress and never will. The Congress generates significant revenue for the Royal College of Psychiatrists (£253K for 2017 Congress). What worries me is that it is impossible to fully determine the scale of potential competing financial interests of those contributing. The Congress, therefore could be equally ‘close to the heart’ of the pharmaceutical industry.

What follows here are the ABPI disclosures made by some of the speakers at the 2017 Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress. This will most certainly be an incomplete picture as the register is voluntary

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