A few weeks ago I lost my wallet on the train home from Bannockburn. Tuesday, 29th March 2022, I collected my lost Wallet from Queen Street Station: GLANCE: To watch … Continue reading glance


This is a description of the Vasili Andreyevich Brekhunov a character in Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Master and Man’ [the description is given by George Saunders] George Saunders concluded his take of … Continue reading Vasili

Confident enough to stay unsure

Last year I read ‘A swim in the pond in the rain’ by George Saunders it is a wonderful book that explores not just how great writing works but also … Continue reading Confident enough to stay unsure

A faded green book of history

This is a short film that explores the common ground between a gardener and a doctor. It was inspired by hearing Dr Gavin Francis talk about the need for us … Continue reading A faded green book of history