A door handle with a label

I recently read Letters to Camondo by Edmund De Waal. It is a very special and deeply affecting book about this Parisian museum: One of the rooms has a label … Continue reading A door handle with a label

Heaven at last

In 1897, a Newport solicitor,  Robert Walker came across  a tombstone in Kilmany churchyard to an ancient Fife family. On a well-preserved copper plate he found the most beautiful words … Continue reading Heaven at last

“Anyone for tennis”

This wonderful photograph is dated 1885 and is from the CANMORE collection. The setting is Greenbank House and Gardens. Those ‘captured’ in this moment of time have not been recorded. … Continue reading “Anyone for tennis”

Iron gate sensitivity

This film is one of a series of omphalos films on gates and gateways. This film is for Thomas Hadden, Blacksmith, East Silvermill Lane, Edinburgh. Image credits: CANMORE archive Music … Continue reading Iron gate sensitivity