The Peoples’ March

London, Saturday 23rd March 2019: All photographs taken by my cousin Adrian Holliday. Music Credit: ‘Roll Along’ by Roddy Woomble Radio Clip at the end: ‘Thought for the day’ Radio … Continue reading The Peoples’ March

On certainty and uncertainty

Over the course of my 25 year career as a doctor I have come across a human need for certainty. However, it is my view that in trying to be … Continue reading On certainty and uncertainty

Dr John Flaxman: Sapere Aude

Dr John Flaxman is creativity and freedom. Dr Flaxman is not a stuffy and removed academic. Dr Flaxman is a friend and correspondent of the “hunched ane”: Mr Gilbert Farie. Being … Continue reading Dr John Flaxman: Sapere Aude

Over-diagnosis: ageing and memory changes

Submission to BMJ rapid-responses, 14 September 2013 by Dr Peter J. Gordon I congratulate the authors (1) for presenting what has for far too long been missing in “consensus” discussions … Continue reading Over-diagnosis: ageing and memory changes

Dr Neil Houston

I have found myself under relentless pressure from a local GP, Dr Neil Houston, to expand the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease to include people who do not meet established clinical criteria for dementia. I … Continue reading Dr Neil Houston