A Big Burd

This description of the burial of Mrs Burd of Ford comes from the ‘Book of Scottish Anecdote’. A Scotch Ell was just over 37 inches, so the coffin was both … Continue reading A Big Burd

The Drummond Scrolls

The north front of the old Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh The old Royal Infirmary, designed by William Adam c1738, was an important public building that heralded Edinburgh’s emergence as an 18th-century … Continue reading The Drummond Scrolls

I had me good eye on ya the whole time!

I have been able to find diddly-squat about ‘John Moir’. I would suggest we follow the example of Alexander Mccall Smith and make-up a story for ‘eye-patch John’! I wonder … Continue reading I had me good eye on ya the whole time!

“A public nuisance”

It is my view that Helen Nicholson was not a “rogue” but a victim. I have not been able to find out when she died or what happened to her … Continue reading “A public nuisance”