I came across this newspaper report of the sudden death of Dr Gordon by chance. I had been looking for details in old newspapers about Moss Farm, Lecropt, and just underneath an entry about a sale of lambs was the announcement of the death of Dr Gordon:

I was struck by the antiszyzygy: a sudden death in Endless Street!

My curiosity stirred, I returned to the archives where I found this account of Dr James Henry Gordon:


Footnote: James Henry Gordon was born in Church Street, Whithorn, Wigtownshire on the 18th December 1840. His father was Veterinary surgeon for the district. James Henry Gordon died on the 19th December 1892, aged 52 Endless Street [the day following his birthday]. As far as I am aware my Gordon family is not related to Dr James Henry Gordon, though I was born on the 19th December [1967] and I am currently aged 52. You may have noticed on the map that Endless Street is crossed by ‘Chipper Lane’! I am no longer a Doctor, a profession that I will always cherish. I am now an Artist.


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