bird song

This short film is based on a cycle journey from my home, Mossgrove, Westerton Drive, Bridge of Allan to Moss farm, Carse of Lecropt.

At the time of making this film the world is in ‘lockdown’ – a necessary state of being in the time of a  pandemic. Beyond our garden, my only daily outing is to cycle around the Carse of Lecropt.

After leaving Mossgrove I pass the Nineveh Fountain to cross the Allan water by the “White bridge”.

This Victorian iron bridge, has in recent years, been painted blue:

After crossing the Allan Water the “chicken run” begins [it skirts the Cork n’ Seal factory].

Beyond the factory (it was once bleach works) the road to the Carse passes under the rail line heading North and South. The sign before this underpass reads: “walking, cycling, and horse friendly road”.

This is how a single track road begins: a road that winds its way around the confluence of the River Forth and the River Teith. A road without  markings, telegraph poles and fences.

Moss Farm is no longer. All that remains is the rough track that led to it.

Moss farm was demolished in the late 1960s to make way for construction machinery to build the M9 bypass of Stirling.

As a consequence of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the M9 is strangely quiet.

Today, when I open our front door, to head for the Carse, I hear nothing but bird-song.

Song is always there to be heard, but now I hear it.

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