‘It is said that he had 3 years’ work in his studio’

Alexander Brodie was a most talented sculptor. He died 100 years before I was born. He is buried not far from my great-great-great grandfather in St Clement’s Churchyard, Footdee. This … Continue reading ‘It is said that he had 3 years’ work in his studio’

Somewhere on the other side of the afternoon’s horizon

Peter and Sian had a break in the Scottish Borders, September 2020. We stayed in Kelso, at Ednam House. This is a short film.

Theatrical Excitement in Edinburgh

The above is from the Book of Scottish Anecdote. I made this film about Scotland’s first theatre: The Book of Scottish Anecdote gives this account of the Theatre in Shakespeare … Continue reading Theatrical Excitement in Edinburgh

Abergeldie’s gardener

Andrew Wilson [1807-1866] was the Head Gardener for Abergeldie castle for most of his adult life. Andrew Wilson was born in the Kirktown of Skene, a village most familar to … Continue reading Abergeldie’s gardener